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My book is almost ready for production. We have worked hard to get it in your hands and the time is almost here. I've been working closely with Maria and Shawn, who are doing amazing work. It's been an exciting and creative process that started over 3 years ago. 


When you purchase during this pre-sale portion of production all funds will go to publishing more books, writing more books, reading more books, and creating memories with our loved ones.


Books are powerful and by supporting me you are supporting the dreams I have for my family. You are supporting positivity and goal setting. You are providing a path to happiness and feelings of true fulfillment. When we are truly fulfilled we can do anything we desire. When our needs are met we can thrive and reach out a helping hand to those around us. So I thank you for this financial support because it equates to emotional and physical support.


Jamlachia is a project about love and learning to let go. It's about moving through life on your own terms. Jamlachia is about blending and moving through and past your traumas, grief, and setbacks by finding, peace, gratitude, and self-acceptance. Jamlachia is about wellness, wholeness, and consciousness.


There are different levels of support. Choose what works best for you!


Support: By choosing this option you will NOT receive a book, but you are showing your support and love. $5


The book: By choosing this option you will receive the book as soon as it comes out. $25


The book & dedication: By choosing this option you will receive this book with a dedication handwritten by the author.  $35


Fund Books: By choosing this option you will get 2 books, a handwritten dedication (if you choose). $95


Change Lives: This option will get you on the "Thanks Page" of the book, 2 physical copies of the book, and a handwritten thank you card. $255


Change Families: This option will get you on the "Thanks Page", 3 copies of the book, and your name as the sponsor of a local (WV) library reading of the book. $1,115


Keep Hope Alive: This option will get you 3 copies, on the "Thanks Page", a sponsored reading at a local WV library AND  an out-of-state tour with 3 stops, and your name drop in a personalized shout-out video to be shared on social media. $2,555


Jamalachia Partner: You will get 2 copies, a shout-out on the "Thank You" page of the book, a free book every time I publish one, and a custom vacation. With this option, we will take a trip with the book to Jamaica. Charlan, Me, and the kids will take you and 4 special guests to Jamaica for a 5-day tour. We will visit a couple of local schools where we will do a reading, spend time with school children, and spread some Appalachian love. Then we will spend three days relaxing and exploring the island. I will work directly with you to choose the lodging and accommodations according to your standards and wishes (as best I can). This will be a custom trip, introducing you to our local favorite spots, meeting family, attending local events, and all in all getting the inside vibe on the island. $20,555


I can't thank you enough for taking the time to think about supporting me. Head on over and choose your level of support. Each and every one of you is special and I love you dearly. The gratitude I feel for even being able to dream about something like this is very deep.



What a life! Thank you!!




Book Pre-Sale: Jamlachia, The Campbells Go Camping

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