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Image by Diego Lozano





Sure, wedding planners are all the rage. But in times like these, with the world dancing to an uncertain rhythm, maybe it's time we embraced funeral planners too. I'm here to help orchestrate a final celebration that offers your loved one's closure and peace.

Working with any funeral home, or even on our own, I'll be your roadie, making sure your final wishes are not just heard but felt by everyone




Life’s a song, why not leave your own lyrics? Together, we'll write letters that your loved ones can cherish over time. Or perhaps you'd like to lend your voice to the memories with some recorded messages.

Maybe you're ready to tell the story of your life in an autobiography or eulogy. Remember, it's your life's concert - you're the main act. So, let's make sure you're on time for your own grand finale, shall we?



Transform the ashes of your loved one into beautiful, everlasting diamonds or stones. This isn't just a process, it's a journey - a way to keep their memory alive and radiant. Every glint and sparkle is a tribute to their unique existence, a tangible piece of eternity you can hold. As resplendent and enduring as your loved one's spirit, these keepsakes will forever twinkle with the timeless tales of their life. A memory that sparkles, a love that never fades. 

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