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Realizing that life does end, you better get started living.

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Death Doula

Funeral Swag provides support and guidance for those who are coming to terms with the fact that they will not live forever. They might dealing with the loss of a loved one, finding discomfort in being alone, caring for an ailing parent, or just realizing life is short. As a consultant, I offer personalized planning services that cater to your specific yet unique needs and wishes. My deep understanding of grief and loss, coupled with my compassionate and practical approach, has made me a trusted resource and reliable problem solver.  If you’re in need of guidance, support or just a compassionate understanding shoulder to cry on or ear to burn, please reach out.
Dealing with the scope that loss has is never easy, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn for help. As a consultant at Funeral Swag, I provide personalized support to help people prepare for death, deal with loss and grief, and most impratantly learn to love themselves so a good life can be lived. A good life equals a good death. My services are designed to provide holistic care that considers all aspects of a person's life, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. If you're looking for support to help you love yourself enough to have a good life, even while dealing with loss or preparation for the future, I'm here to help.
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